West Point Buff Card For 2024-2025

BUFF CARD FOR 2024-2025! West Point Buff Card: academic year schedule! This actually used to be printed out on a “buff” (tan) colored card stock paper for all cadets (two sided).

A few explanations:

•       Cadet Schedules have Day 1 and Day 2. So when you see 2-1, that means the Day 2 schedule, first lesson. So 1-15, means the Day 1 schedule, lesson 15. There are either 30 or 40 lessons in each course, depending on the course.

•       During the week you may see “CMDT” and “DEAN” written – there is about an hour after lunch each day before more academic class periods. This hour is open for the Dean or Commandant to use for training/briefings/etc for the classes. You may hear your cadet talk about “Dean’s Hour” or “Comm’s Hour” – So when you see a CMDT or DEAN written on a day, that indicates to the Cadet that s/he will not have the hour open because there will be training during that hour after lunch before afternoon class periods.

•       A Weekends: considered academic weekends or weekends that there is some sort of military training on Saturdays before cadets are released for any privileges. Usually cadets cannot take an overnight pass on this weekend.

•       B Weekends: these weekends generally have no mandatory scheduled activities, so cadets are free to go on pass (if they have a pass, and are not in trouble). Note that athletes may still have practices/games on B-weekends.

•       Please note that plebes generally go into the semester, with one pass to use per semester, but can often earn more (called a “performance” pass or “spirit” pass).  Most D1 athletes (Corps Squaders) do not get to use all of their passes when in season because they are traveling for their sport competitions.